Inspection & Rework

There are times when a job just isn’t done right the first time around, or a component part needs to be changed in an otherwise perfect package, or perhaps widespread damage has occurred during shipping. Our inspection and fulfillment rework services are designed for these sort of circumstances.

Botched assembly, kitting or packaging job? We can fix that!

The following are just a few of the many inspection and rework services SG Assembles provides:

Recounting Repacking & Repackaging Re-Labeling Inspection

Like all our processes, our stringent QC insures strict adherence to your exact specifications.


We’ll count, recount, and account for each and every one of your items.

We offer recounting services as a part of our suite of rework services that is central to our hand assembly. If your package, kit, or point-of-sale pack needs a certain number of anything, we’ll go through and take a manual count to ensure that all units are numbered correctly and nothing is over/under filled.

Repacking and Repackaging

The second time’s the charm.

We’ll repackage your bulk imported units or domestic production that needs to be unpacked and repackaged into distribution-ready cases or cartons, with or without shrink wrapping or polybagging. Our repacking services are designed for quick turnaround to meet tight deadlines and our expert assembly teams perform repacking and repackaging with unmatched speed and precision.


Typically due to a regulatory change or a printing typo, sometimes your product label needs to be replaced. Our hand re-labeling services include PSL or glue appliques (cold, hot, fugitive or remoistenable).


We hold our work to a strict set of standards. We inspect all items and if anything is less than perfect, our on-site crews apply our rework techniques until everything is up to our impeccable standards. Everything gets the SG Assembles seal of approval before being sent out. If we wouldn’t put our name on a product, we wouldn’t dream of putting your name on it.

Case Study

A broken clock still tells the correct time twice a day, well, that simply won’t do for SG Assembles.

A proud example of our rework capabilities is a project we completed for a manufacturing company based in Asia that was producing “Clock Movement Kits.” The project came to us after it was discovered upon shipment to the U.S. that the small hand of the clock was not the correct size for the kit. SG Assembles got to work removing the small hands from 300,000 kits, and replacing them with the correct piece. Once that was done, we managed the repackaging, and the drop-shipment to the end customer’s distribution centers. Now, these clocks will be telling the correct time for years to come.

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