We’ll take handwork and fulfillment off your hands. Our company provides hand packaging fulfillment, inspection, stuffing and collating, or any custom application where machine-automation is not an option.

Let us sort this one out.

We proudly provide the following handwork and assembly services:

Sorting & Collating Inserting Stuffing Shrink Wrapping Labeling Warehousing

We average 500 full-time skilled hand assembly workers, daily.

Sorting and Collating

It is of the highest importance that all of your direct mail, gift sets, point-of-sale packs, sample cases, and anything else that you send out to your customers are complete and in order. We provide hand sorting services and collating as part of our package assembly and fulfillment services. We inspect every item by hand and sort them according to your exact specifications. We do multi-component matching, including matched mailings, like these complex, 6-way hand matched mailers we did for Dish Network!


Your large quantity, non-machinable inserting projects are right in our wheelhouse.

From point-of-sales displays to direct mailers to promotional kits, you can count on perfect back-end fulfillment when you outsource your custom hand assembly insertion to us.


It’s not just a Thanksgiving side dish!

Large quantity, non-machinable envelope and mailer stuffing can be time-consuming and expensive. By outsourcing your manual stuffing projects to SG Assembles, you’ll get to market immeasurably faster at a huge cost savings. We do multi-component matching, including matched mailings and we inspect every item by hand. Our stringent QC insures no mismatches and strict adherence to your exact specifications.

Shrink Wrapping

The finishing touch to keep your package polished and protected.

We shrink wrap gift sets, point-of-sale packs, promotional kits, loyalty kits, welcome kits, and more. We also provide re-shrink wrapping as part of our rework services packages.


Don’t forget the label!

Our by hand labeling services are second to none when it comes to affixing any type of label to most any item requiring it. Whether it be manually placing stickers or manually gluing labels, you can count on your products being labeled perfectly. Entrust all of your hand labeling needs to us.


For your short-term project or your long-term program, we’ll warehouse your inventory for a fraction of U.S. domestic storage rates.

Our kitting and fulfillment warehouses are safe, clean and secure. We have excellent scalability in warehousing space and we can accommodate any size program.

Case Study

Instead of getting frustrated about what technology CAN’T do, we get excited about what our hands CAN.

For example, we once took on a project from a printer that needed a batch of large posters drop-shipped to customers. 55,000 posters required counting, collating, wrapping, and shipping. Our team got to work sorting the 24” x 36” posters into packs of 5 each, sandwiching them between pieces of corrugated cardboard, then wrapping and sealing the sides. The finishing touches were to generate individual labels from the lists supplied by the manufacturer and deliver the completed packages to UPS. Our handworkers completed this project in three working days! Let’s see a machine do all that.

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