Custom Hand Assembly

Reap the benefits of outsourcing your hand assembly operations to SG Assembles. When automation is not an option, SG Assembles over 30 years of Mexico-based hand assembly is the perfect fit.

Custom hand assembly is one of our flagship services.

In addition to most any hand assembly operation which we’ll custom build around your needs, including these examples:

Multiple Match Mailing

Fabric Swatching

Electronic Component Assembly

Case Study

Unsure if your project fits the capabilities of SG Assembles? Contact us and ask!

There are infinite possibilities with what we can custom hand assemble, and we appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about your unique project. For example, we once folded hundreds of thousands of eyeglass cleaning cloths to tight specifications. SG Assembles folded the cloths, gathered them with “certificate of authenticity” cards, and inserted each set into a plastic pouch.

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